Light Stamping

Many manufacturers offer some sort of metal stamping, but what is it and what would it be used for? Stamping is the process of placing any flat sheet metal of your choice in either blank or coil form into a stamping press where a tool and die surface forms the metal into your desired shape. A stamping die is a special tool that cuts and forms sheet metal into its desired shape and are typically made out of special forms of hardened steel called tool steel.  This system is used to make parts to many important products in industries such as aerospace, telecommunications, and agricultural sectors. 

Serving industries as diverse as the aerospace, telecommunications, and agricultural sectors, Amerascrew offers light stamping services in Mansfield, Ohio for a variety of intended applications. Amerascrew’s stamping department (with presses up to 60-ton capacity) gives us added functionality, as well as bending or swedging, grabs, palm buttons, and light curtains allow us to set up jobs with high levels of safety and efficiency. Our production capabilities are equally diverse, ranging from thin gauge to high-strength components, and we’re prepared to handle almost any production volume. Amerascrew works hard to meet customer material requirements and works with all common types of metal, including exotic and precious metals. To learn more about our light stamping services, contact us today! 

light stamping mansfield ohio

Common Forms of Material Used Include:

Commonly Used Materials Include: