Custom Precision Turned Products

Precision Turned Products

After being in business for almost 100 years, we still get the same question: 

What are your capabilities? 

This question is difficult to answer because we specialize in diversity. From precision turned parts to custom precision screw machine products, our capabilities are endless. We serve a variety of industries from big to small. Our capabilities go past our state-of-the-art machinery because we have a process that is capable of anything. 

The Amerascrew Advantage:

precision turned parts ohio

Experienced Operators.

precision turned parts ohio

Reliable Machinery.

precision turned parts ohio

Unbreakable Support System.

CNC/Swiss Turning Machines

We have the right size CNC to get your job done. From nine CNCs, ranging from Citizen L20 Swiss machines to the bar stock capabilities of our 1-3/4″ Miyano JNC-45, Amerascrew has the equipment to get any job done quickly without sacrificing quality. 

We also have “chucker” capacity of 8″, 5 axis, 2 opposing spindles, 12000 RPMs, and Hydrobar Bar Feeds.

CNC Vertical Machine Centers

Our machining centers include a Brother R450X1 VM with two pallets, approximately 20×12″.  This allows the machine to run while the operator loads and unloads other pallets. Using this machinery eliminates load/unload times, which results in quicker cycle times – giving you a lower cost.Our Miyano TSV-35 CNC VM has a larger bed at 20×33″, as well as more horsepower for those larger, more demanding jobs.

Although today is the era of the CNCs, not every job should be run on a CNC machine. Some jobs run faster and more efficiently in a conventional machine. 

Automatic Screw Machines - Single Spindle

With 18 Brown & Sharpes, we have the equipment to carry out any project. Our Brown & Sharpes range from the 1/2″ “00” to the 2 3/8″ “#3”. We have Ultramatics, 6 and 8 hole turrets, and lots of attachments and Lipe Automatic Bar Feeds.

We also have a vast array of secondary machines when needed. In many cases, a CNC does not have nearly the amount of cycle times as an automatic tapping, drilling, and threading machine or production mill.

Amerascrew engineers analyze your needs closely to give you the most cost-effective method for your parts. 

Automatic Screw Machines- Multiple Spindles

3 – National Acme 1-1/4″ RA6 – 6 Spindle Automatics with Back Burring, Back Slotting, Cross Drilling & Universal Threading
2 – National Acme 1″ RAN6 – 6 Spindle Automatics with Back Burring & Universal Threading
1 – National Acme 1-5/8″ RB8 – 8 Spindle Automatic with Universal Threading

Tapping, Drilling, & Threading

We have nine Snow Automatic High-Speed Drilling and Tapping Machines all ready to run your parts. Our Snows use Air Logic, as well as additional fixtures and attachments to give you the best quality product. 

Milling Machines

We only use the most accredited brands when it comes to our machinery. With names like Burke, Cincinnati, and Brown & Sharpe, our five Production Mills (up to 18″) create an incomparable turnaround time. 

Precision Turned Products & Equipment that Produces Quality Results

We take our craft seriously, and that means never cutting corners on production. Creating precision turned parts that last means using the highest grade of tools. 

  • Hardinge High-Speed Hand Screws
  • 2.5 Cubed Feet Vibrating Finishers
  • Drill Presses Surface Grinders Band Saws
  • Asst. Drill and Cutter Grinders
  • Bridgeport Vertical Mill with Digital Readout
  • Riveters
  • Date Coder
  • Production Spot Welder
  • Milltronics MB20 CNC Vertical Machine Center
  • Atlas Lathe with 10″ Chuck
  • And more!

Contact us today to request a quote! 

Custom precision parts